16+ Benefits of Massage Therapy

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January 19, 2022

It is well known that massage is good for you

Massage therapy is among the oldest documented forms of medicine. And it makes sense that it has stood the test of time, considering that massage can benefit every major organ system in the body. In 2019, around 50 million people in the US took advantage of the many benefits of massage therapy(1).

The most commonly known benefits of massage are:
• To treat stiff and sore muscles or muscle spasms.
• Pain relief and pain management
• Relaxation and Stress Reduction
• Maintaining fitness, health, and general wellbeing

Theres so many more

Below I have compiled a list of known benefits of massage therapy. This is not every known benefit, but the most significant and studied ones; and I am sure that beyond what is known there are many more!

1. Relieve Stress
2. Relieve pain:
- After surgery
- After injury
- From poor posture (low-back, shoulder, and neck pain are very common)
- From skeletal disorders (such as scoliosis)
- From arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome
- From old injuries
- From excessive use of muscles
- From conditions like fibromyalgia
3. Reduce Anxiety
4. Reduce overall muscle tension
5. Improve exercise performance and results
6. Reduce depression symptoms
7. Better sleep (helps with insomnia)
8. Relieve headaches and migraines (and decrease frequency)
9. Lower blood pressure
10. Improve cardiovascular health and circulation
11. Improve balance
12. Improve muscle tone
13. Boost Immunity
14. Help regulate blood sugar level
15. Healthy skin
16.  Improve digestion
17. Improve and Balance Posture

(1)AMTA 2020 Massage Profession Research Report. (2020) (13th ed.). Retrieved from https://www.amtamassage.org/scr/Operating-Your-School/Massage-Profession-Research-Report--- Schools-Version.html  
Free summary of the report: https://www.amtamassage.org/globalassets/documents/src/2019-pdf.pdf

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