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Meet Your Body

When We explore the Inner Realm of Our Physiology We may find the Reflection of Our entire Existence. It is Here that the Inner and Outer converge; Balance is crafted and Health emerges.

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It is still therapeutic, just very relaxing too.

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It is still therapeutic, just very relaxing too.

Sports massage is not just for athletes! Injury prevention/recovery for everyone!

Outcome-based massage utilizing a variety of techniques to focus on specific treatment goals, like pain relief.


Meet Your Body.

Health emerges when we learn to reflect balance in our body, mind, and lifestyle.

This blog is about your health; understanding and applying health principles in everyday life; getting a glimpse of the interconnected nature of our bodies, both internally and with the outside world.

This means our movement patterns - physically, but also of thought and emotion. This means our diet - what we eat, what we watch, and what we listen to. This means our relationships - with ourselves, with concepts, with others.

May our discoveries be useful and for the highest good of all.


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Carefully observe your activities of thinking, breathing, movement, diet, sex, and sleep, for these are the six fundamentals of health. Within this realm lies success or failure in your physical health and emotional happiness.
- Shizuko Yamamota