About Us

we are a passionate
Team of givers

Our Mission
To promote the power of touch as a tool of healing and support to free people of pain and dysfunction, so they may lead happier, more connected lives.

Core Values


Help and Do No Harm

It is our top priority to be helpful where we can; Where we can't we will avoid causing harm. When you entrust us to provide quality therapeutic treatment, it is our duty to uphold this value.


Be of Service to Others

We strive to be of service to our therapists, our clients, and our community. We may each have our individuality, but we are also all interconnected in countless ways. The health of the community is essential to the health of any one of us.


Be Trustworthy

The foundation that any other worthwhile values must be built upon is honesty and trust. We respect the trust that is placed with us as massage therapists and as a business within our community. Without this core value, nothing we aim to achieve could come to bear healthy fruit.

Help us get involved!

If you have something in mind that could help the community and think we can be a part of it, please reach out!

My vision is to make touch a positive social value in our culture.
David Palmer