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Owner and Lead Massage Therapist Steven Clerico
Steven Clerico
Certified Medical Massage Practitioner Serving the Lehigh Valley
PA Massage Therapy License #MSG012512
I help people move past pain and limited movement using targeted massage techniques and whole-body balancing. My goal is to support you in living more freely. Free of pain, restriction, and stress. Get in touch with me to schedule your breakthrough.

I am absolutely passionate about helping people. Bodywork was a major part of my own healing journey so I went to school to become a Medical Massage Therapist and help others reach their full potential. What I offer to you is my genuine intent and best effort to help you become free of pain and dysfunction in support of living a happier and more connected life.

I recieved my initial education at The European Medical School of Massage in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania where I learned how to treat and aid recovery of injuries and structural dysfunctions, provide immediate and lasting pain relief, and of course give a world class relaxing massage.

Now, I have been practicing massage therapy for 3 years and have helped hundreds of people in the Lehigh Valley. I am continuing my education studying with experts from around the world, such as my recent trip to Colorado for a dissection lab with fascial expert Tom Meyers, or my ongoing study of myoskeletal alignment techniques developed by Erik Dalton. I am constantly learning more and incorporating new knowledge and techniques to provide the most effective therapy possible.

In addition to my formal education I learn from my own experience of life. By practicing what I preach, I am able to offer my absolute best self to others: I keep a healthy diet; I get plenty of exercise and stay in touch with my own body; I get plenty of rest; I nourish my relationships with others and with my own body. In honor of those that have helped me improve my life, I feel it is my duty to offer help to others. Massage and Bodywork is a major tool for me to connect with people and have a positive impact, which is why I do it.

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